Counselling and Psychotherapy

Our register of NRPC therapists offer a wide range of therapies to support your well-being. Take a moment to explore their individual pages and discover their specialities.

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Psychotherapy & Counselling

Counselling and psychotherapy are often used interchangeably as they both fall under the umbrella of talking therapies.

Counsellors primarily focus on short-term issues, working collaboratively with clients to develop strategies and find solutions to their present challenges. Short-term therapies like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) are favored by the NHS due to their time-limited nature, typically spanning 6-8 sessions.
However, private counsellors may offer longer-term support, spanning months, or even years.

Psychotherapists often look into a client’s past to uncover underlying reasons for their current emotional state. Psychotherapy, which tends to be slightly more extended, is beneficial for addressing childhood trauma and issues rooted in early experiences. Both types of therapy are effective in navigating life’s challenges, regardless of the issue at hand. It’s important to remember that seeking help is not limited to moments of crisis; support is available whenever you need it.

All talking therapists are there to help you with emotional or mental health issues such as:

Recovering from abuse
Lack of confidence
Lack of motivation
Sadness and Grief
Life changes
Mood swings
Panic disorders
Self harm

And much more


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