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The NRPC was established as a sister register to the Association of Professional Hypnosis and Psychotherapy, in 2011. The register has been running since then with the aim of maintaining very high standards within the professional arena of both Psychotherapy & Counselling.

NRPC & APHP Membership

On application to us, and as part of the renewal process, we check your training, qualifications, supervision, insurance and any CPD undertaken because we want to ensure that if a client finds you through our website, they can be assured that you are a therapist of good professional standing.
We feel this gives potential clients reassurance and the confidence to use our members services.

Benefits of joining us are:

  • Regular free Continual Professional Development
  • World-wide representation with members in USA, Hong Kong, India, Middle East and Europe
  • Regular blog posts, articles and email news letters to keep you abreast of developments
  • Discounted Insurance with leading providers
  • If you are level 4 trained (and above) you can apply to join us.


  • The NRPC website also acts as a directory for potential clients to easily find you
  • Heavily discounted joint membership with The APHP if you qualify to join both organisations
  • A certificate of membership to download once you are approved, plus a membership number
  • Help and support from working therapists, and specialists within the field of therapy, if you need it.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the NRPC but unsure of the qualifications or experience you’ll need, please read our membership criteria document which can be found HERE

You are allowed to bring any of this to the attention of the public on your promotional material, illustrating that your training was at the highest level and that you are therefore a properly competent and registered therapist.

In short, when you join NRPC, you are becoming a member of a professional organisation that is considered to be of a high standard.

To start your application to join us, please click the button for the type of membership you wish to apply for, below. 

Please note, you are able to apply for joint membership if you:

  • Have trained with an APHP accredited training school.
  • Have a full hypnotherapy diploma level qualification gained elsewhere, that was taken face to face in a classroom setting and you completed 450 hours or more training (most 10 month+ courses cover this amount of hours)
  • Or, you have counselling/psychotherapy qualifications and have also done a full hypnotherapy diploma as outlined above.

Once you have submitted your preliminary form, we will assess your application and come back to you within 24 hours via email with payment details, or a request for further information. Please check junk mail if you have not heard from us within that time. 

Please note: you will be diverted to the application form which is hosted on The APHP website. The Association for Professional Hypnosis and Psychotherapy is the parent company and all payments and renewals also go through the parent site.


NRPC Membership

£80 for 1 Year

APHP Membership

£80 for 1 Year

Joint Membership

£105 for 1 Year