The National Register of Psychotherapists & Counsellors

The National Register of Psychotherapists & Counsellors

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We are a specialist register exclusively for those therapists who work within the fields of psychotherapy and counselling. The title of the register itself will aid its positioning in internet search engines and with the reputation of our parent company, APHP, it will be easy for vistors to find you. Our search facility on the site is such that a visitor can type in any part of your details, including specialities, and your entry will be visible.


Benefits are:

  • Your own dedicated full page therapist profile on the NRPC website which you can update yourself
  • We appear on the first page of most Internet searches
  • Our search process is easy to use
  • 10% discount on all Hypnosense products
  • Preferrential discount rate for public liability insurance with a leading company
  • The ability to self-manage your database entry
  • The opportunity to list your specialisations in your entry
  • Reduced membership fees with dual membership of APHP and NRPC
  • Preferential rates for some seminars and conferences
  • Professional support from top therapists when needed
  • No joining fee - you just pay your Annual Membership
  • Access to the huge NRPC resource library of scripts and other professional material
  • Exclusive - only therapists with recognised accredited training can join us
  • Hypnotherapists with full training can join at Affiliate level - enhance your credibility
  • Chaired by a professional therapist with world-wide respect for integrity


How to Join

During your membership application we will collect information regarding your training and if you are registered with certain bodies.


Under some circumstances, we may request additional information such as copies of your relevant certification and may also request three case studies as an illustration of your capabilities and competence. Such information will be given our fullest consideration at the earliest possible opportunity. If you completed your training via a recognised school of psychotherapy/counselling, case studies are usually not considered necessary.


A document describing the NRPC membership and supervision requirements is available as a .pdf file. Download here - To save the file, right click on the link and then on 'Save Target As...'.


Annual Subscriptions are due on or before January 31st but may be paid at any time after December 1st


  Payment being made between
December 1st - March 31st
Payment being made between
April 1st - June 30th
Payment being made between
July 1st - September 30th
Payment being made between
October 1st - November 30th
Annual Membership
NRPC only: £80.00 

9 months Membership
NRPC only: £60.00 

6 months Membership
NRPC only: £40.00 

3 Months Membership
NRPC only: £20.00 

Annual Membership
NRPC and APHP: £105.00 

9 months Membership
NRPC and APHP: £78.75 

6 months Membership
NRPC and APHP: £52.50 

3 Months Membership
NRPC and APHP: £26.25 

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