The National Register of Psychotherapists & Counsellors

The National Register of Psychotherapists & Counsellors

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We are a specialist international register for those therapists who work within the fields of Psychotherapy and Counselling. Our aim with our organisation is to support you, the therapist, by providing guidance, help and advice, a clear criteria and expectation of training, and to support your learning further by offering regular CPD throughout each year. 

We are an international organisation, so you are welcome to join us, pending verification, no matter where you are in the world. 

Our search facility on the site means that a visitor can type in any part of your details, including specialities, and your entry will be visible.

We understand the need for a professional register that is interested in the members, the general public and maintaining standards within the industry, but is also approachable, friendly, helpful and will not make your application process arduous! If you are trained to a level 4, you are able to apply to join and we will asses each application individually.


Benefits of joining a professional register are:

  • Your own dedicated full page therapist profile on the NRPC website

  • Increased visibility for potential clients

  • Preferrential discount rate for professional insurance (UK)

  • The opportunity to list your specialisations, gaining wider exposure to those you are able to help

  • Reduced membership fees with dual membership of APHP and NRPC - depening on qualifications

  • Preferential rates for some trainings or charged CPD

  • One annual membership fee of £80 

  • Access to the NRPC resource library including many hours of free training


How to Join

During your membership application we will collect information regarding your training and if you are registered with certain bodies.

We will request additional information such as copies of your relevant certification/diploma qualifications (and, in some instances may also request three case studies as an illustration of your capabilities and competence.) Such information will be given our fullest consideration at the earliest possible opportunity and you will often have a decison within 24 hours of application..

If you completed your training via a recognised school of Psychotherapy/Counselling, case studies are usually not considered necessary.


A document describing the NRPC membership and supervision requirements is available on our Ethics and Documents page

In order to apply to join you will be required to complete the form below and upload your diploma level qualification. Once we have recieved your application, we will contact you with payment details. 

Start your application HERE

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