Seasonal Grief And Loss: What is it?

Written by NRPC Editorial

December 20, 2023

Can therapies such as Counselling, Hypnotherapy, BWRT and Sanomentology help people cope better on an emotional level with grief and loss?

Grief was in the news earlier on BBC radio Cornwall.

Christmas and other holidays can be the most difficult of times for people dealing with grief.

As my post outlines below, personal grief is not just limited to the loss of a loved one who has died.
There are many many people who deal with grief on a daily basis, marriages and relationships that have failed. Children who have lost connection with parents and relatives.
Parents whose children cut them out of their lives when the marriage failed.

As a therapist having transited the personal anguish of grief from the loss of parents, grandparents and friends who have passed over to disconnection with family and friends when my marriage finally failed in 2008, I think I learned a lot about the destructive power that grief can have. As a therapist I was very fortunate to be surrounded by a circle of therapists and trainers who helped and who had specific grief counselling training programmes put together.

I studied courses in BWRT with Terence Watts, and also with TranceFormers training run by Emma Evans and Georgina McKinnon, who have a tailored programme to train therapists and counsellors in helping the bereaved deal with grief.

Grief counselling has always been a hugely important part of my work having been through my personal journey of grief.

Through my training I have been able to bring the understanding and teachings from the courses I studied into my practice to help clients who asked if therapy can help them with the often deep and huge emotions that dealing with grief brings.

The answer is that yes, therapy can help without doubt, and because we are working at a sub consciousness level, from personal experience I can attest that the changes I experienced definitely lessened the often huge waves of the feelings of sorrow, loss and sadness.

Listening to Radio Cornwall this morning the personal experience that Archbishop Justin Welby shared about the loss of their child and the emotions that he and his wife experienced and what they learned in dealing with the loss I thought was very helpful and positive.

His advice was to attack the day or it will attack you. By that he explained that doing something positive to celebrate the lives of those we have lost and remember them in the way that they would want you to remember is of itself a healing process.

Later in the show BBC Cornwall presenter Justin took messages about how people remember their loved ones from people who put old decorations up that belonged to their parents to a person who puts up old lights that don’t work on their Christmas tree that was their connection with their loved ones.

If you need help with grief or loss of any kind, feel free to get in touch with me. I’m always happy to book you in for some sessions and we can work things through. I work in Cornwall face to face, but also help people online. 

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Published : Dec 20, 2023